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At, we provide a wide selection of "I love you" poems, boyfriend poems, girlfriend poems and lots of free love poems that you can download and print. You can also read the 100 best love poems of all time and the best love poems from our free poetry contests. You can also find samples of romantic poetry, love letters and beautiful greeting cards for the love of your life, wife or girlfriend.

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If you are considering writing a love letter to your sweetheart, you might want to take a look at some of the most famous love letters of all times from popular writers and lyricists of their time. The most important thing to know about love letters is that the best love letters come from the heart.

You can send the love poetry to your wife or girlfriend by email, by letter or by hiding it somewhere she will only find it. Express your love and affection to someone special in your life. Special features are available for Valentines Day.

Love that reaches up is adoration. Love that reaches down is grace. Love that reaches across is affection. My love, my baby, my sweetheart, my joy, my reason to be, my special gift from the gods, my amazing love maker, my passion, my romantic fairy tales, my bed partner, my emotional stabilizer, my perfect soul mate, my teacher of all that is blissful... My, My, My love, where are you?

Romantic poems plus romantic and inspirational poetry. Free chatrooms for sexy singles and those who want to chat online. Totally free personal ads for men and women who want to meet singles for dating and romance. Free love letters and gifts including prewritten love letters that you can sample. Free online greeting cards so you can send free online greeting cards to your friends on the web! Romantic gift ideas and free love letters plus romantic poems.

We have a gigantic collection of love poetry, as well as famous quotes, friendship poems, inspirational quotes, and even a poetry contest. Many of the love quotes and love poems on this site deal with weddings, so if you are looking for the perfect wedding poem, we can help. Romantic poems with vivid imagery of the body and spirit between two lovers can leave the reader enamored by the idealism of Romanticism. Love Poetry has left a profound mark on literary history with many great works. Shakespearian love sonnets can pierce the heart and radiate the feelings of love in the air. From the sad love story of Hadrian and Antinous to the romance drama that is scattered throughout The Odyssey, love poetry has been a major part of great works of literature for centuries.

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